Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Applications

Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution

The Grand Rapids, MI intellectual property attorneys at Gardner Linn are experienced in the preparation, filing, prosecution and issuance of patent applications on inventions in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Gardner Linn attorneys are experienced and are trained in all areas of technology. A computerized docket is maintained for the filing of periodic patent maintenance fees to keep these patents in force.


International Patent Protection

Gardner Linn has associates in every significant country in the world to allow preparation, filing, prosecution, issuance and maintenance of patent applications in any country where it may be desired to protect an invention. The latest telecommunication tools are at our disposal to facilitate the protection of intellectual property on a worldwide basis. If you have questions about International Patent Protection, contact our Michigan intellectual property attorneys today.


Trademark Application Preparation and Prosecution

Gardner Linn attorneys are experienced in preparing and filing applications for trademark registrations in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and/or in individual states, and are experienced in prosecuting the applications through to registration. Our Michigan intellectual property law firm maintains a computerized docket for the filing of required affidavits and renewals in the years and decades to come.


International Trademark Protection

As with patents, Gardner Linn has associate counsel for trademark matters in every significant country in the world. Foreign trademark applications can be prepared and filed in various regional trademark offices or in individual countries as desired through our offices in the United States as well as our international network of associate counsel. If you have questions about International Trademark Protection, contact our Michigan intellectual property lawyers today.


Copyright Protection and Registration

Our extensive experience in copyright matters helps you protect copyrights in the United States and internationally. Copyright registration can be effected where appropriate. Our knowledgeable copyright counsel assist in maximizing protection for copyrights in the most economical manner.