Intellectual property protection and enforcement is a complex area of law requiring a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Gardner Linn specializes in this, and represents both individuals and corporations before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as the United States Copyright Office, the state and federal courts, and various administrative agencies such as the International Trade Commission, and the United States Customs and Border Protection. Gardner Linn also specializes in protection of intellectual property in foreign venues and has a worldwide network of associates.


Areas of representation include:

Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Applications

Intellectual Property Searches, Watches, and Due Diligence Reviews

Licenses, Assignments, and Other Agreements

Litigation and Administrative Proceedings

When you retain Gardner Linn to protect your intellectual property assets, you are assured unparalleled representation. We offer our clients intellectual property attorneys who possess:

  • Industry experience so they understand your business considerations;
  • A wide range of technological backgrounds, including electrical, electronics, aeronautical, controls and control systems, mechanical, electromechanical, structural, environmental, materials, clean energy and others;
  • Extensive domestic patent prosecution experience;
  • Extensive foreign patent prosecution experience;
  • Extensive domestic trademark prosecution experience;
  • Extensive foreign trademark prosecution experience;
  • Extensive domestic and foreign intellectual property enforcement litigation experience;
  • Extensive medical devices, equipment, and products experience;
  • A worldwide network of associates; and
  • Over 160 years combined experience.